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How many re-rolls after initial roll:  

Each storage slot allows you to save a shorthand definition of dice (orange box) to be rolled. The number of re-rolls (blue box) is also saved. You may cut and paste definitions from the Shorthand tab or the debug area below the Help button, ensuring that you get the results you want.


Here are the dice that are available for selection. Notice that the Shorthand notation is shown for each dice type.

d4numr - Number:

d6pips - Pips:

d6numr - Number:

d6pips - Colored Pips:

d6memr - Memoir:

d6quid - Quarriors Quidity:

d6pdrt - AH Paydirt:

d6rfdw - Run, Fight, Die! White:

d6rfdg - Run, Fight, Die! Grey:

d6rfdb - Run, Fight, Die! Black:

d6rfdp - Run, Fight, Die! Pink:

d8numr - Number:

d10numr - Number:

d12numr - Number:

d20numr - Number:

Any Number or Pips die may be modified for color. Use the following format: 2d6pips#111111#222222#333333 where #111111 is the die background color, #222222 is the die outer edge color, and #333333 is the die pip/number color.

d10numr - Number, Colored:

Orange background, Black edge, Grey number (5d10numr#FFA500#000000#808080)

d6pips - Pips, Colored:

Forest Green background and edge, White pips (5d6pips#228B22#228B22#FFFFFF)